Woman Finds Out Sand Dollar She Grabbed Is Alive, Reveals to People How to Tell the Difference

When going to the beach, finding a sand dollar may be one of the greatest things that can happen. There’s just something mysterious yet mesmerizing about them. They have their own unique shape and texture that appeal to us. You just want to take one home to remember your trip to the beach.

Whether you find them by chance or whether you tried to track one down to bring home, have you ever taken a closer look at one?

This woman took a closer look at her sand dollar and found out hers was a little different from the usual sand dollar.

What usually happens when people find sand dollars is that most of the time, they are deceased. But if you’re lucky enough like this woman, you may be able to find one that is alive!

The woman explains in the video below how you can tell the differences between a live sand dollar and a deceased one.

She explains that deceased sand dollars often have grooves and an opening at the bottom.

Watch the video below to note the neat differences between a live and deceased sand dollar:


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