Ten Fold Portable Building: Spring Up a Home Anywhere

This house unfolds from a small shipping container like box into a fully functioning house.

Ten Fold Technology is the company behind the production of these foldable houses that can be deployed and ready to use within 10 minutes of arrival.

Built from robust steel chassis and composite panels, the workhorse unit travels as a standard high top 9m (30ft) container but opens up to provide 64 m² (688ft²) of uninterrupted space.

When closed the unit can carry up to 20m³ of furniture and equipment including internal walls, bathrooms, kitchens and basic furniture.

It can be connected to existing infrastructure or can be completely off-grid having its own power units and water processing and storage onboard.

Stairs, balconies, and canopies can be attached to the sides of the unit to produce a fully functioning fold out space.

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Watch the demo video down below!


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Ten Fold Unfolding Building