SwimWays Baby Float: Pool Toy Interactive Play Station for Babies

As a baby, it can be uncomfortable and nerve-wracking when going in the pool for a swim! That’s why, it helps when you have something you’re used to in there with you. Like an activity center!

The SwimWays Baby Float Activity Center combines a pool float toy with an interactive play station for babies to enjoy learning how to swim, while staying safe and afloat.

Baby Float 1

The durable-fabric covered pool float features an inflatable octopus head for babies to touch and squeak toys like a star and do other things like stack rings.

Baby Float 2

It’s easy to inflate using the valves and is child-safe in the water since it is hidden underneath. There are two air chambers that are inflated, one for the outer ring and one for the inner ring, giving you more peace of mind when your little one is in the water.

Baby Float 

Baby Float 4

An optional sun canopy can be easily added onto the pool float to provide UPF 50+ sun protection for your baby. It’s great for an extremely sunny day where the sun’s rays are a little too strong for your little one.

Baby Float 5

When finished and ready to pack up, the SwimWays Baby Float easily folds and packs up into a convenient carrying case. This makes it easy to transport the float from one pool to another – or to the beach!

Baby Float 6

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Watch the demo down below!


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