SmartDuvet Breeze: The World’s First Self-Making Bed with Dual-Zone Climate Control

The Smartduvet Breeze is the world’s first dual-zone climate controlled self-making bed. It was created by Tina Cayouette for people like her uncle with limited mobility.

Using an inflatable sheet placed between your duvet and duvet cover, it sets your bedclothes back in place when you get up!

The system comes with a box, sheet, and smartphone app.

The box has the blower and electronic board that connects with the app. The sheet is made from lightweight material that stops heat from building up, ensuring you have a comfortable sleep.

Connect the sheet with the blower and sync the box with the smartphone app. Set the time you want the duvet to make your bed for you and you’re done!

Sleep in on the weekends? No problem—the Smartduvet app lets you set different bed-making times for different days.

In addition to making the bed for you, the Breeze allows you to set your preferred temperature individually for each side of the bed.

Use the App the set your desired temperature and keep your side cool or warm.

Available Here.

Watch the duvet in action in the video down below!


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