Shooz: Use the Same Set of Shoes for Any Occasion

Perfect for the avid traveler, this shoe separates into two parts and can be mix and matched to suit any occasion.

The Shooz is the world’s first modular-tech travel shoe that has a zipper running along the side that allows you to switch the sole or skin so you’ll never have to buy a new pair of shoes again.

Instead of bringing multiple pairs of shoes while traveling, you can now travel lighter and only bring what you need.

The snap fastener on the back of the shoe ensures the skin is properly secured to the sole and the ergonomic zipper pull provides an aqua guard waterproof zip.

The skin of the shoes are made with the best of Italian leathers while the sole features a cork insulation to isolate the foot from cold and heat.

Simply find a sole and skin to match the outing, zip them together, snap the fastener, and you’re good to go.

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


Where To Buy

Shooz Shoes
Sole and Skin Seperately

$110 – $145+