Sani 360 Garbage Disposal: The Safe Alternative to Clean Your Disposal

If your garbage disposal is always smelling up your home, the Sani 360 Garbage Disposal is perfect for you! It’s designed to clean your disposal in a safe way.


It comes in three scents to suit every person and every home—simply spray the foam into the disposal and it’ll get rid of the old food smell in no time! If you hate the smell of your kitchen, this will help solve the problem.


The enzyme foam will clean and deodorize the sidewalls, pipes, splash guard, and under the blades—this deep cleans your disposal in a way that’s safe and effective. The unique formula expands into any hidden area to get all the grime out!


It’s a safer alternative to commonly-used bleach, and it can keep your septic tank squeaky clean! Each can can average 16-20 uses, and it’s simple to use. In just minutes, your disposal is fresh, clean, and deodorized.


If you want a clean garbage disposal, you need this foam!


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Sani 360 Garbage Disposal
Available in three scents