Prepworks Ultimate Keeper: Store Your Baking Supplies in Neat, Organized Containers

Normal flour and sugar storage containers don’t do anything but hold said ingredients. It’s hard sometimes to get precise measurements, but what if the containers did it for you?

ProKeepers are improved versions of kitchen storage.

The flour and sugar units have a built-in leveller that let you scrape excess ingredient off. It’s attached to the lid, so just attach it whenever you need to.

The powdered sugar has a tool that is like a self-levelling shaker. The bottom of the spoon has slots so that you can use it to sprinkle the perfect amount of sugar.

It is an eight piece set that also includes a terra cotta disk to keep brown sugar moist, a sugar canister with a slide that aids in pouring and a coffee bean holder.

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!

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Prepworks by Progressive 6-Piece ProKeeper Set


Prepworks Brown Sugar ProKeeper


Prepworks Coffee ProKeeper


Prepworks Flour ProKeeper


Prepworks Mini ProKeeper


Prepworks Powdered Sugar ProKeeper


Prepworks Sugar ProKeeper