POWERUP DART: The Motorized Paper Airplane

Ever wanted to fly a plane but thought the process was too complicated and expensive? Ever wanted to fly a model plane but thought the process was too complicated and expensive? Well want no more as PowerUpToys is bringing to the market a simple and inexpensive alternative to flying: the paper airplane based POWERUP DART!

Based off of its predecessor the POWERUP, the POWERUP DART brings us new options for consumer level flight focusing on its aerobatics capabilities! Whether it’s trying to complete a barrel roll or a complicated Immelmann maneuver, it’s all possible with the redesign. The system now incorporates a cross bar that allows the plane to sustain higher G Force allowing you to push the limits of a paper airplane like never before seen!

Starting at $29, the very affordable POWERUP DART and legal (no FAA registration required) allows you to fly through the sky in intervals of 10 minutes for 25 minutes of charging (uses a micro USB connection, charger not included)!

Connected via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet, the native software allows you to control thrust and guidance with ease. Accelerating is as simple as gliding your finger forward and directional control comes naturally by simply angling your phone to bank in the direction you want to go.

On top of this all, the customizability is endless as the motor’s frame can be shifted from paper airplane to paper airplane meaning that you can compete with all your friends to come with the best airplane! Whether is be for long distance travel or barrel roll competitions, the options are limitless.

Using a carbon fiber and nylon reinforced plastic for the frame and a rubber tip for the nose, the POWERUP DART can take a beating and still survive like nothing happened! No more worrying about destroying your $1000 + model airplane.

On top of all of this the whole rig is incredibly maneuverable, allowing you to use it both outside and inside without much risk. Adjusting speed and quick corrective maneuvers are always possible with the easy use of the the detailed control application.

To get your hands on the POWERUP DART, head on over to their Kickstarter which runs until the 18th of October 2017!

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below:

Where To Buy

Comes in single or multi-packs, as well as different colors in the multipacks.