Polder Style Station: Keep All Your Hair Tools Organized

Do you have a hard time keeping your hair tools neat in your bathroom? The Polder Style Station is perfect for you! It’s designed to keep your tools in one spot, freeing up counter space.


The oversized openings can fit any tool: hairdryers, flat irons, curling irons, and brushes! The center opening has a three inch diameter, and the side openings have two inch diameters—perfect for tools of any size.


The base is designed to safely cool your tools and store them when they aren’t in use—the heat-resistant mesh and silicone will let your hot tools cool down quickly and safely. Plus, the storage compartment in the back will hold your cords neatly.


The stainless steel and plastic materials are durable while remaining sturdy and lightweight—hang it on a towel bar, attach it to your wall, stick it under your sink, or simply rest it on your countertop!


If your cords are always tangled, you need this base!


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Polder Style Station
Available in two colors