Polder Nail Station: Do Your Own Nails with Salon Results

If you love getting manicures at your local salon, the Polder Nail Station is perfect for you! It’s designed to give you salon-quality nails right at home.


It has seven built-in compartments that can hold all the nail polishes and tools for a perfect home manicure! The top surface is perfect for resting your fingers while you treat your nails and apply the polish.


It has two drying options: a UV light and a fan. The fan is great for drying regular nail lacquer, and the UV light is perfect for drying gel nail polish! The touch-free automatic sensor will turn on and off as you insert your hands.


The small, portable size is great for travel and it can store anywhere in your home! Use it by yourself for a night of pampering, or use it with a group of your friends for a spa night at your home.


If you want to save money on manicures, you need this nail station!


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Polder Nail Station