Oboo: 21st Century Smart Clock with Wifi, Gesture and Touch Controls

The Oboo Smart Clock is a 21st century, modern clock that uses smart features such as Wifi, touch and gesture controls to turn your ordinary clock into one you can interact with.

One of the cool things Oboo features is cards. Not just ordinary cards you would think of, but software cards integrated in Oboo that allow you to get real-time data on everything you need for the day:

– Weather
– Calendar
– Traffic Info
– Timer
– Music

The top of the clock becomes a touchpad during the day that has 4 discrete buttons differentiated by colors for you to interact with. A simple tap is all you need to activate each control.

The touchpad can also be used like a slider to adjust the volume of your Oboo. This is great for people who hate obnoxiously loud alarm clocks and it’s also great for jamming out to your sweet tunes.

Oboo is incredibly smart, it knows how to react to its surrounding environment. When it’s time for bed, Oboo dims itself so you can get the much deserved, restful sleep you desire.

Currently Oboo is available in two different models: Charcoal Black and Mineral Grey.

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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