Leveraxe: Split Logs on the First Hit

Perfect for the log splitting guru, this axe will help split logs easier and faster due to its innovative sleek design.

The Leveraxe is a revolutionary axe that boasts safety and efficiency thanks to the design that requires less force than with traditional equipment to split wood.

When the axe head hits the wood, the head bends and the velocity stops thus, the axe will not hit you.

The blade is also blunt, which does not require any sharpening and relies on its special transfer of force to split the log.

The secret lies in the new grip and letting the handle turn in your hands as you strike causing a change in force on the wood.

Instead of using mass amounts of blunt force, the Leveraxe utilizes its cutting edge technology to ensure its ease of use.

Ideal for wood splitting, the light weight allows women and men of all abilities to split firewood with ease.

Designed for maximum efficiency to give you more one-strike splits, The Leveraxe is the new way to split wood.

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Leveraxe – The Smart Axe


Leveraxe 2- The Smart Axe