Infento Kits: Build Life-Size Bikes and Scooters with Your Child

If you love building and want more quality time with your kids, the Infento Building Kits are perfect for you! They’re designed to let you build one-of-a-kind rides with your child.


The modular construction kits let you customize your ride—start off by building a walker, scooter, or tricycle. When they outgrow, simply build a larger model! With these kits, you can build something that will last while bonding with your child.


All you need is one kit and one standard hex key to build rides that can last you from toddler to teen—your child will develop valuable skill sets for the future, and the parts give you endless building possibilities!


Infento has six new kits with a total of 32 possible rides! Plus, there’s an all-electric kit. The lean-to-steer Stabilizr system uses your child’s body weight to steer in whatever direction you want to go in. Your ride is completely smooth and stable.


If your kids love building blocks, they’ll love these kits!


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Watch the demo down below!


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