Horse Can’t Help Bugging This News Reporter While the Camera Is Rolling

When we think of playful and affectionate animals, we usually think of dogs and cats and not much else really comes to mind.

However, horses can be extremely affectionate and playful as well! When they’re in the hands of the right owners, they love to be cheerful and fun. This is what this news reporter found out when he tried to do his job but the horse wouldn’t let him. Cut after cut, the horse nudges, nibbles and bops against this reporter.

Thankfully, the reporter is a good sport. Instead of being afraid of the large animal that’s bugging him, he even tells the cameraman excitedly, “I want this footage!” His silly interaction with the horse is something he definitely wants to keep for years to come.

It’s so amazing and cute to see humans and animals get along.

So, watch their cute interaction for yourself in the short, hilarious video below:


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