Here’s The Reason You Mom Always Called You By The Wrong Name

When I was a little kid, I grew up in a big family. There were six kids and a few pets, plus my parents.
Mom would often look me in the eye, about to ask me something, and then say my siblings name.
Sometimes, it got so bad she would cycle through all five names, then go through the pets.
Now, I’m starting to do it too and heaven help me if we have more than one child.
Are you guilty of this? Do you wonder why you do it?


Science says it all comes down to emotions. Duke University and the University of Texas explain the ‘misnaming’ phenomenon quite simply.

They gathered 1700 people and asked if they had ever misnamed or been misnamed. Then they asked what the relationship was to the person.

The most common misnamers were moms!

Confusion happens when our brain stores similar information together. A parent will store information about their children in the same place, and sometimes the recall mechanisms accidentally send forward the wrong file when called upon.

The more you know!


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