Hangman Anti-Tip Kits: Keep Your Furniture and Children Safe

Do you worry about your furniture at home falling on your children? The Hangman Products Anti-Tip Kits are perfect for you! They’re designed to secure your furniture in an easy way.


The kits come in two models: a furniture kit and a TV kit. The furniture kit has an aircraft-grade steel cable that connects your piece of furniture to a bracket attached to a stud in the wall, preventing your furniture from tipping over.


The furniture kit can secure dressers, curio cabinets, chests, and entertainment centers—if you have a large piece of furniture, the kit will likely be able to secure it. Plus, the furniture kit is rated to hold up to 400 lbs.


The TV kit has an all-steel construction with two aircraft-grade steel cables, bolts, and heavy-duty brackets. It has a bow-tie clip that’s child-resistant, and you can adjust the cable length! The kit is easy to install and works on all flat screen TV models.


The components are earthquake and tamper resistant!


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