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Unique Gift Ideas For Men, Women and Children

If you’re looking for a cool and unique gift for someone, you’ve come to the right place. We are the one-stop-shop guide to the most unusual new gifts for men, women and children. If your man is picky, we have cool gifts he’s sure to love. If your woman has unique taste, we have just the thing. If your child has unusual toys, we have some to add to their collection. Never run out of gift ideas again, take a look at our collection and be the best gift giver your family and friends have ever seen!


Popular in Gadgets

Splitz-All: Save Your Back and Split Logs with No Effort at All

Need to split logs but don’t have the physical capability to? Wish there was an easier way to split large logs? Look no further! the Splitz-All is a wood splitter that can even be used by a child! The traditional ax can be dangerous when used incorrectly and requires a lot of strength to use it right.

SteakChamp: Take Guesswork Out of Cooking Perfect Steaks

Have you ever cooked a steak to find you it too raw or cooked? Wish there was a way to cook the perfect steak every time? Well, look no further! Steak Champ is here for you! It’s a steak thermometer that can detect how cooked your steak is inside to get the perfect steak every time.

Modobag: The Suitcase You Can Ride On

Do you love to travel but hate running across airports and using old luggage? The Modobag is perfect for you! It’s designed to be the only carry-on luggage that can get you to your destination three times faster than walking.

eSight: The Electronic Glasses That Help the Legally Blind See

If you know someone who is legally blind and wants to see, the eSight eyewear may be perfect for them! This eyewear is designed to help the blind see through the power of technology. It’s a doctor-recommended solution to give you your eyesight back.

Reef Fanning Sandal: Open Bottles With Your Sandal

Ever find yourself without a bottle opener? The bottle won’t budge even after trying all the nifty tricks out there? Wouldn’t it be great to have a bottle opener with you at all times? Reef is a sandal and shoemaker that has designed a sandal with a built-in bottle opener on the bottom.


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