Geizeer: Eco-Friendly Portable A/C Unit Powered by an Ice Pack

The Geizeer is an eco-friendly ice cooling machine that acts like a portable air conditioner unit. The device looks like two halves of a cube that has an ice pack in the middle for cooling source. Everything is connected by an electrical circuit that runs the fan when both halves are connected. To turn off the unit, simply raise the upper half and rotate it.

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Geizeer is made from wood due to it being a perfect thermal insulator. It is composed of two wooden shells and metal finishing frames. Inside, there is a rechargeable battery, a micro USB port, a fan and an ice pack. Each ice pack lasts about 4 hours before melting and having to be frozen again.

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Since Geizeer has a small and compact size, it’s the perfect way to take cooling on-the-go. The ice pack itself also has a concave space if you want to add perfume for a fragrant environment. No more hard to use portable air conditioners or just air-moving fans, Geizeer is the best of both worlds.

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The Geizeer Portable Air Conditioner Unit is available in different colors such as: red, orange, black, blue and white, as well as, different shades of wood.

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Geizeer Portable AC Unit
Various colors and designs

$162 – $225
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