Fat Bike Skis: Ride Snow Like You’ve Only Imagined

Ride snow like you’ve only imagined—this company makes skis for your bike!

Fat Bike Skis are a front wheel replacement that unlock the full potential of your bike in the snow.

They fit any modern fat bike or mountain bike fork, and let you ride in all snow conditions—crust, ruts, powder, groomers, slush, you name it! Simply swap out your front wheel with the Fat Bike Ski and you’re good to go!

The sensation of riding remains normal. Since riding in snow is pretty draggy, simply using the rear brake to slow down is plenty.

The inventor, Brooke Scatchard, has been refining and building the Fat Bike Ski for the better part of 15 years.

For more information on how to obtain Fat Bike Skis, visit the company’s website here.

Watch the demo video down below:


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