Ex-Prisoner Passed Up a Job Interview to Help Driver Get Out of Overturned Vehicle

Aaron Tucker, a 32-year-old from Westport, Connecticut, is an ex-prisoner that’s had a rough time during his life time. The man served nearly two years in prison on a weapons charge, just shortly after his son was born.

But despite his rough past, Tucker wanted to turn his life around, with his son as his motivation.

1 month after he was released from prison, he was able to score a job interview.

He borrowed a dress shirt from the Halfway house in Bridgeport, boarded a bus to be on his way to the interview when he ran into an unlikely situation.

Tucker looked outside the window and noticed an overturned vehicle on the side of the road.

Tucker asked the bus driver, “Are you going to help?” To which he replied, “No, and if you get out, I’m going to leave you.”

Regardless of this, Tucker showed no hesitation, he ran straight to the injured driver without thinking about the possible consequences from his job interview. He and two nearby auto shop workers were able to help the driver out of his vehicle.

Tucker even used his borrowed dress shirt to help stop the bleeding.

Word quickly spread throughout the community. Resident, Karin Dale, commented “He had places to go. He had a job interview, and he stopped and helped when he didn’t have to.”

That’s when she decided to start a GoFundMe page for Aaron.

“He’s just a nice guy who just wants to be a good dad for his son,” Dale said. “When he talks about his son, you can hear him beaming through the phone.”

While most people now consider Tucker a hero, he insists that he’s not, but he wants to be one for his son. He promises to use some of the money raised to create a college fund for his boy.

Watch the news report video below for more information:

h/t abc7NY


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