Electronic Housefly Trap: Keep Your Home Fly-Free

Do you hate when flies bother you all around your home? The Electronic Housefly Trap is perfect for you! It’s designed to effectively trap flies without killing them.


It has no noise—no loud buzzing to interrupt your conversations! This makes it perfect for use during your backyard barbecues or cookouts. It’s non-toxic and does not have chemicals, making it safe to use around food and children.


The electronic trap also doesn’t kill the flies–when you’re finished trapping your flies, simply release them back into the wild! This is a more humane solution than other fly traps or sprays. It’s safe and effective for use on all flies, even ones that are pesticide-resistant.


The secret is using natural fly food as bait—it smells so good, flies can’t resist it! They’re lured right to the trap, and they stay there until you’re ready to release them back into their natural habitat. Plug it in and you’re ready to go.


If you hate flies, you need this in your life!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Electronic Housefly Trap