Dreambaby Retractable Gate: The “Magic” Gate for Your Home

Do you struggle with containing your kids or pets in one area? The Dreambaby retractable gate is perfect for you! It’s designed to block off entryways and stairways in your home without clashing with your decor.


It comes with two sets of hardware for mounting the gate in two locations, and the gate can be used indoors and outdoors! It can fit in narrow and wider openings, and the lightweight mesh is durable and sturdy.


It has a simple one-handed operation—you can still pass through even if you’re carrying a child or groceries. The double-locking feature also keeps the gate secure. Simply press the button down and turn to open the gate!


You can use it for virtually any doorway—it’s even stairway approved! It’s also made from UV treated durable mesh, ensuring it doesn’t fade when exposed to sunlight. Plus, when you don’t need it, it retracts to be out of sight.


You can also get a spacer kit for further customization!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Dreambaby Retractable Gate
Available in five colors