Deuter Kid Comfort Backpacks: Carry Your Child Safely and Comfortably

Do you want to take your child with you anywhere you go? The Deuter Kid Comfort backpacks are perfect for you! They’re designed to let you carry your child in a comfortable and safe way.


It comes in three different models: the Sportive, the Hiking Expert, and the Breezy. There’s a backpack for any situation and any lifestyle! The ergonomic design evenly distributes the weight in a way that’s comfortable to hold on your back.


The Sportive model is perfect for hikes and trips—you’ll want it for your next vacation! The Hiking Expert is good for longer strenuous activity—it has extra volume and details for an extended hike while still providing top-notch comfort.


The Breezy has an air-comfort mesh back support system, giving you air ventilation through your whole back. This backpack is ideal for short walks or day trips! Plus, the rocking movement in the backpack soothes the child, as it’s reminiscent of the mother’s womb.


If you love traveling with your child, you need this backpack!


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Deuter Kid Comfort Backpacks
Available in three styles