Dam Easy Flood Barrier: Keep Money In And the Water Out

Ever find your home flooded with water?

Want a better way to reduce the chances of ruining your home with a flood?

Dam Easy Flood Barriers are here to save the day!

The Dam Easy Flood Barriers are a durable barrier that creates a watertight seal around the door to block water from entering your home during a flood.

The company has been able to create the world’s first off-the-shelf flood defense system without the need of fixings.

Whether you’re renting or own a place, you don’t want to stay unprotected and risk the dangers of damaging your home.

These flood barriers are easy to install and will be helpful to reduce the cost of damages that would be otherwise be done.

To use the flood barriers, simply place the barrier on the ground in between your doorway.

Then, use the lever on the barrier to extend the side panels until they are tightly pressed against the wall.

Finally, inflate the seal at the bottom by pumping the handle and create a watertight seal.

For larger doorways, there are also extension poles that can be placed between two flood barriers to expand the area it’s able to cover.

Reduce the likelihood of damages in your home and protect your home with the Dam Easy Flood Barriers.

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