Bully Buddy: The Safe Way for Dogs to Play with Bully Sticks

If your dog loves playing with bully sticks, the Bully Buddy is perfect for you! It’s designed to let your dog chew on their bully sticks in a safe way.


Bully sticks are great toys for enjoying a treat or releasing energy, but when your dog gets to the tail end of the bone, it’s easy for them to treat. Enter the Bully Buddy—a device that can hold your bully stick as you play.


The dog and veterinarian approved vehicle secures the bully stick with the tough inner grip—once it’s inside, it won’t come out! The secure clamp has three one-way teeth that grips into the stick, and the design encourages play.


It has durable rubber that’s hard enough to protect, but it’s soft enough for your dog’s gums. The collar is completely adjustable—twist to lock it down and untwist to release! Plus, the Bully Buddy is dishwasher safe.


It comes in two sizes to fit every dog’s mouth!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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