Brochette Express: Make 16 Skewers at the Same Time

Ever have trouble making skewers for a big party?

Want to make large amounts of skewers easily at the same time?

Worry not, the Brochette Express will be there to save the day!

It’s a device that can be used with meat, fruit, and vegetables to create 16 skewers at the same time!

Simplify and reduce the hassle of cutting individual pieces and inserting them on the skewers.

Simply add your favorite meats, vegetables or fruits and close the top.

Then, insert 16 individual skewers into the holes in the top.

Once all 16 are fully inserted, cut down the three vertical slits on the sides and remove the top.

Press down on the skewers to remove the body from the base and you’re done!

You have just created 16 beautiful skewers ready to be seasoned and thrown onto the grill!

You can even use the Brochette Express to make sandwich skewers or healthy vegetable skewers!

The Options with the Brochette are endless!

Easily make 16 skewers in seconds with your very own Brochette Express!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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Brochette Express
With 16 Stainless Steel Skewers