Autistic Boy Sings Incredible Cover of “Lean on Me,” Brings the House Down

Music is incredible—it has the ability to transcend any hardship or roadblocks and connect with people, no matter where they’re from or what they’ve been through.

Christopher Duffley is one of those people. He’s blind and autistic, but he has a talent for music and a passion that I’ve never seen before.

In 2011, he posted a video of him singing the song “Open the Eyes of my Heart,” and his singing career took off.

The video has since been translated in multiple languages and received millions of views.

Duffley’s performed in venues all across the country, but his fans say his performance of “Lean on Me” in Nashville, TN with the World Outreach Church Kid’s Choir is one of his best.

Even though Duffley faces so much adversity on a daily basis, he still takes time to spread his message of hope and strength.

Watch the amazing performance in the video down below!


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