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Amazing 4-Year-Old Blows the World Away with Her Mastery of 7 Languages

Little Bella is from Moscow, Russia. Aside from being completely adorable, she just competed in a Russian talent competition.   Everyone “awww”-ed at her little dress and pigtails, but the room goes silent when she approaches the first person to come out on stage. The man speaks to her in English and she responds. She moves down the row of people and speaks six more languages to each person! She not only is fluent in Russian, but also English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic! You go,...

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Police Officer Saves 3-Year-Old After Receiving Scary 911 Call

There are times in our lives where we are so grateful for the brave men and women who sacrifice so much to keep us safe. This is one of those times.   Texan Bethany Hoover experienced something no mother ever wants to have happen: her toddler stopped breathing. Frantic, she called emergency and they dispatched officer Chase Miller.   When he arrived at the scene, the little boy was turning blue and was unresponsive. He immediately began administering CPR on the boy and his dash cam caught the dramatic moment when he saved his life. When asked if he...

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Grandpa's Reaction to Getting Light-Up Shoes is Priceless

I bet we can all think back to our childhood days with fondness. What was the big fad while you were growing up? Pet rocks, Tamagotchi pets, Heelys, you name it –we loved it.   My favourite childhood memory is running down a dim hallway watching my Scooby-Doo light-up shoes dazzle my friends. It looks like this man is going to have similar memories! When his family buys him a pair of flashers all his own, this grandpa can’t contain his excitement! Watch his reaction below. It’s great to see the kid in us never...

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