This Artist Just Made a Lamp That Creates a Storm Every Time Trump Tweets

French artist Parse/Error believed there was something missing about his bedside table’s lamp. Once he figured it out, he knew there was no going back on this! He developed a lamp that reacts to US President Donald J. Trump’s tweet by causing a storm to pop up in the lamp. The artist always strives to hit a note between humans and their environment whenever he starts a new project and many believe this to be his best yet!

Hitting off two of the world’s most controversial subjects in this project, social media and the 45th US President, the concept lies behind the fact that anytime that POTUS gets to Twitter he manages to stir up quite a storm. Explore the video of the lamp below as well as take a deep dive into the other works from Parse/Error like his Earthquake Lamp and his Life Clock!

Parse/Error’s Twitter and Instagram


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