Park Rangers Hear a Faint Cry in Marshy Field, Find Dog Chained to a Cinder Block

Park rangers around the Longview Lake in Kansas City, Missouri were shocked when they suddenly heard a strange cry from afar.

When they came a little closer to investigate, they discovered a dog chained to a cinder block in a wet marshy area.

Held down by a chain, this mutt had nowhere to go and it was clear that the owner had left him there to die. Shivering from the cold and mud, the dog was released from the chain and was promptly brought to the Jackson County animal control where they gave it a new name, Deputy.

Adding to the mystery of his circumstances, Deputy appears to have been well-cared for in the not so distant past. He was well-fed, had a shiny coat of skin that show he was groomed and was neutered.

The Lab-Sheppard mix has made good progress in the recovery and will soon be available for adoption to find a loving family and one that will treat him well.

Despite his good health and the future that lies in the future, officers are still investigating as to who would commit such an inhumane act.

While the search continues, officers are just glad to have been able to find Deputy before it was too late.


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