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Unique Gift Ideas For Parents
If you’re looking for a cool and unique gift for someone, you’ve come to the right place. We are the one-stop-shop guide to the most unusual new gifts for men, women and children. If your man is picky, we have cool gifts he’s sure to love. If your woman has unique taste, we have just the thing. If your child has unusual toys, we have some to add to their collection. Never run out of gift ideas again, take a look at our collection and be the best gift giver your family and friends have ever seen!

Popular Gifts

Shooz: Use the Same Set of Shoes for Any Occasion

Perfect for the avid traveler, this shoe separates into two parts and can be mix and matched to suit any occasion. The Shooz is the world’s first modular-tech travel shoe that has a zipper running along the side that allows you to switch the sole or skin so you’ll never have to buy a new pair of shoes again.

Techo Autowater: Make Any Regular Faucet Automatic

Perfect for keeping your kitchen clean, this device attaches to your ordinary faucet and makes it automatic. The Autowater is a gadget created to help save water and prevent the spread of germs by being the world’s first smart touchless faucet adapter.


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