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Hoverseat: Ride Your Hoverboard in Comfort and Style

Click here to Buy The Hoverseat is the perfect addition to your hoverboard! It’s a fun, safe transportation method that almost anyone can drive. Set-up is simple: the cart is made of lightweight aluminum, and when you’re ready to use it, attach it to the bar in the center of your hoverboard! All you have to do is attach your favorite beach chair to it and relax in style! You can navigate your hoverboard using only your feet—you can even go in reverse! Available Here. Watch the demo down below!   Where To Buy Hoverseat $98 Buy now Comments...

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Todd Hoffman Sings Brilliant Cover of “Sound of Silence”

You may know Todd Hoffman from his starring role in the Discovery Channel show “Gold Rush,” but did you know he could sing? Most people know Todd for his rugged look, and he doesn’t seem like the type to raise his voice in song—but this video is ready to prove everyone wrong. He’s singing “Sound of Silence” by Disturbed and while he’s not copying the original singer, he sure does sound like him! And fan of the original is sure to love this cover. Watch the full incredible performance down below!   Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Todd Hoffman Sings...

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IKEA Releases Instructions on How to Make Game of Thrones Costumes from Rugs

IKEA: the land of cheap furniture for starving students and Game of Thrones costume designers, apparently. Michele Clapton, head costume designer for the popular show, said the capes for the Night Watch are actually repurposed IKEA rugs. “We take anything we can—we cut and we shave them and then we added strong leather straps,” she said at a talk at the Getty Museum last year. “I want the audience to almost smell the costumes.” Now, IKEA seems to have gotten in on the joke and released official instructions on how to make a Night Watch cape! All you need...

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Trucker Saves Puppy from the Side of the Highway

Truckers tend to spend the majority of their time on the highway, but they usually don’t leave their rigs on the side of the highway. One driver spotted a truck abandoned on the side of the road. Stunned, he whipped out his phone and started filming. But then he realized what the driver was holding in his arms. Turns out the trucker had spotted an abandoned dog on the side of the road and simply had to stop and rescue it! Any dog lovers out there will appreciate this! Watch the full video down below!   Comments Facebook Twitter...

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Sun Joe Pressure Washer: Clean Off Dirt No Matter Where You Are

Click here to Buy The Sun Joe pressure washer is perfect for any outdoor mess you may have! It has many features suited for any problem, big or small. It comes with five quick-spray connector tips for light, medium, or heavy-duty cleaning! The powerful motor generates maximum cleaning power, generating 2030 PSI. Dual detergent tanks let you tackle multiple cleaning products at once! Available Here. Watch the demo down below!   Where To Buy Sun Joe Pressure Washer $149 Buy now Comments Facebook Twitter...

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