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Car Cane: Make It Easier to Get in and Out of Any Car

Click here to Buy The Car Cane makes it easier to for you to get in and out of any car. It locks into your car door’s latch and gives you the leverage to lift yourself up. The non-slip grip is comfortable to hold and the forged aluminum construction can hold up to 350 lbs. It gives you a handy grip so you won’t slip on those icy days, and is great for anyone that needs that extra hand! Perfect for both tall SUV’s and low compact cars. Available Here. Watch the demo in the video below:   Where...

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Save the Environment and Your Wallet By Washing Your Clothes With Drumi

Use Drumi to make washing machines a thing of the past! Let’s face it, electricity bills are getting out of hand these days. Costs of living are going up, yet wages are not and people everywhere are feeling the increasing pinch. Almost nowhere else is this more apparent than in doing the laundry, and maybe you didn’t know that. Washing machines use an average of 50 liters of water and 500 watts of power per cycle. That’s a lot of wasted water and a lot of electricity cost. Drumi is small and compact, so it doesn’t take up a...

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BottleLoft Magnetic Bottle Hanger – Make Bottles Levitate and Free Up Shelf Space

Free up space and make your refrigerator cooler! The BottleLoft lets you magnetically hang bottles in your refrigerator to free up shelf space underneath. It is very easy to install. Simply peel and stick to your refrigerator ceiling. Each strip holds 3 bottles and is made with very strong magnets. Keep your refrigerator tidy by making bottles levitate! Available Here. Where To Buy BottleLoft Magnetic Bottle Hanger (2 Strip Pack) Holds 6 bottles $29.99 Buy now BottleLoft Magnetic Bottle Hanger (4 Strip Pack) Holds 12 bottles $49.99 Buy now Comments Facebook Twitter...

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This Cover Turns Your Outdoor Pool into an Indoor Pool

If you want to install a pool, there are so many things to consider: how big it should be, what materials you want to use, how deep it can be. One of the big things is if you want it outside or inside. If your pool is outside, you have to spend a lot more time cleaning it. If it’s inside, you don’t get the stunning views of your backyard. But what if you could just choose both? These retractable pool enclosures are making that possible. These shelters give you the benefit of an indoor pool with the views...

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Crystal Explorer – A Transparent Kayak That Lets You Observe the Underwater World

The Crystal Explorer by The Crystal Kayak Company is a totally crystal-clear kayak that will let you see the underwater world below you! It is lightweight and very durable thanks to its solid polycarbonate design. With its anodized aluminum frame, it weighs only 45 pounds while comfortably holding up to 425 pounds. And thanks to its built-in UV protection and easy-to-clean surface, the Crystal Explorer will remain as smooth and clear as the day you bought it. Each Crystal Explorer comes with two seats and two sets of paddles, but can easily be converted for solo use. Its removable...

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