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Clickpack Pro – Best Functional and Stylish Backpack to Protect You from Theft

Click here to Buy The ClickPack Pro is a backpack made by Korin Design with triple anti-theft protection to allow you to enjoy the scenery of wherever you may be, without having to worry about whether you’ll lose your things or not. Not only does it have a YKK double layer, explosion proof zipper that locks to the front, but also a retractable metal lock to lock your bag against a fence or pole. The ClickPack Pro has special slash resistant fabric that is 40% stronger than Kevlar, so you can be sure someone won’t be able to get...

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Police Department Posts This Online After Night Shift Officer Found This Man Near a Highway

As a police officer, complaints of suspicious activity happen on a daily basis. When this police officer from the Frisco Police Department in Texas, encountered a man sitting near a highway on a rainy evening, he was skeptical and began talking to the individual. And then, the following happened: Earlier this evening, a few of our patrol officers were dispatched to a welfare concern. The call was reported as a… Posted by Frisco Police Department on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 It’s great to see many law enforcement officers like the gentleman above go out and do kind deeds. But unfortunately...

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Sobro – Coffee Table with Touch Controls, Fridge and Charging Stations

Click here to Buy The Sobro is a coffee table that is designed with some over-the-top features such as: a refrigerated drawer, BlueTooth speakers, touch controls and even USB power outlets. With a refrigerated drawer to keep your drinks and food chilled, you’ll never have to miss a moment of the sport’s game or pause your movie. It’s all within arm’s reach! The Sobro also has LED lighting on the underside and a tempered glass top with touch controls to control the audio, lighting, and temperature of the drawer. It can even connect to your TV and has standard...

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The Reel Quik Hitch – Hitch That Hooks Up to Your Trailer to Reel It In

Click Here to Buy The Hitchrific Reel Quik Hitch is a hitch that is able to extend and reach out to the trailer to hook on and reel it towards the back of your vehicle. To use it, simply back up your vehicle close towards your trailer and extend the arm out to hook onto your trailer. It adjusts in any direction up to 15 inches. Then, reel it in so your trailer aligns perfectly with the back of your vehicle. And that’s it! It’s that easy to hitch your trailer. The Reel Quik Hitch has a towing capacity...

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Pocket Tripod – Phone Stand That Folds Up to Fit in Your Wallet

Click here to Buy The Pocket Tripod is a tiny, portable stand for your smartphone. But, this isn’t just any regular stand. The Pocket Tripod is a foldable so that it can fit right in the credit card slots of your wallet. It’s designed to be completely flat when it’s not in use but when you snap it in form, you can simply insert your phone into the tripod. It even lets you swivel your phone back and forth for the perfect angle. Not only does the Pocket Tripod act as a tripod but it can also act as...

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