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Movpak: Turn Your Backpack into an Electric Vehicle

Click here to Buy Movpack is the first backpack that can carry everything you need for the day. What’s unique about this backpack compared to others is that it can carry one more unique thing – you. In one movement, it unfolds into an electric vehicle that goes 20 mph. It’s all controlled by a tiny little controller you carry around. No fumes, no wires, no damage in the environment. It has plenty of room in the backpack like any other, as well as many other things such as: a USB charger, a microphone, and a speaker. You can...

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Biaggi Zipsak: Luggage Collapses Down for Easy Storage

Click here to Buy When you’re not travelling and on-the-go, those bulky and big luggages take up way more space than they need to. Add up more than one luggage and you got a bunch of these bulky luggages taking up your closet space. These Biaggi Zipsak Luggages collapse down to a small size for easy storage. It’s called the Zipsak because the fold-down luggage measures a measly 5 inches tall when fully collapsed. This small size makes it perfect for storage in just about anywhere – a drawer, under a bed, in a shelf or even in a...

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