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FleetPlows: Automatic Snow Clearing from Bus or Truck Roof

Click here to Buy Have you ever drove in the winter and noticed people that didn’t sweep the snow off their roof? It’s frustrating, and quite frankly – dangerous. It’s even more dangerous when it’s a truck or a bus that has snow on their roof. FleetPlow automates the process of removing the snow off your roof without the operational or liability costs. It’s designed for an efficient, fast and low-maintenance operation. The FleetPlows can be controlled by a user remote or a one-tap full automation on the side post. Either way, it gets the job done much more...

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BRISACIER Roof Windows: Turn Your Window into a Balcony in Seconds

Have you ever wished that there was a balcony at your house to enjoy a nice view outdoors? While some people get the luxury of having one, others don’t have a balcony in their home. BRISACIER has the solution for people who don’t have a balcony – brings the balcony to you! The company does this by transforming your roof windows. With one simple push, the window transforms into a balcony for you to enjoy the outdoor view in seconds. With many years of experience, and specialization in roof windows, BRISACIER caters each project to your liking and delivers...

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Electric Tug Trailer Mover: Easily Move Trailers by Hand

When off-loading trailers, it can be difficult moving them from spot to spot without a truck. That’s why the Electric Tug Trailer Mover was invented. It’s specifically developed to move trailers up to 20 tons. The Trailer Mover can be operated without a license and is equipped with a 4kW AC electric motor inside. It’s also equipped with standard Continental tires that provide the best possible traction for any weather condition. The 36volt, 245ah maintenance-free battery pack allows the Trailer Mover to operate for a long period of time. Finally, the Trailer Mover comes with needed safety devices such...

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John Deere Kids Tractor Engine: Tractor Repair Set Lets Your Kid Work on Their Own Tractor

Click here to Buy For kids, being able to get a hands-on experience with engine work doesn’t really happen often. Most of the time, it’s too dangerous. This John Deere Tractor Engine for Kids lets your child safely play with the front half of the tractor without all the dangers. The toy is like a real-life model of the front-half of a tractor. It lets your little aspiring mechanic do all the dirty work – like popping the hood, performing maintenance and doing repairs. It’s a great way for your child to learn some hands-on skills at an early...

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11 Amazing Gift Ideas for New Parents

Being a parent can be a tough task at first, but over the years, people have invented some pretty nifty gadgets to help parents tackle the first years of parenthood. Here are 11 amazing gift ideas for new parents: 1. Lalabu Shirt The Lalabu Soothe Shirt is a comfortable shirt that stretches to let you keep your baby close wherever you may go. The pouch helps calm newborns while the built-in nursing bra makes breastfeeding convenient. The Lalabu Dad shirt is also available, letting dad carry the baby! Who doesn’t like carrying their little one like a kangaroo? Available...

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