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Horse Can’t Help Bugging This News Reporter While the Camera Is Rolling

When we think of playful and affectionate animals, we usually think of dogs and cats and not much else really comes to mind. However, horses can be extremely affectionate and playful as well! When they’re in the hands of the right owners, they love to be cheerful and fun. This is what this news reporter found out when he tried to do his job but the horse wouldn’t let him. Cut after cut, the horse nudges, nibbles and bops against this reporter. Thankfully, the reporter is a good sport. Instead of being afraid of the large animal that’s bugging...

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Mom Abandons Boy with No Limbs at Hospital, Adapts to Regular Life After Being Adopted by Utah Family

When this little boy was born in Brazil, nobody expected the big brown-eyed baby to have this under his blanket – no limbs. While the little boy, Gabe Adams, was born healthy, he had no arms or legs. His mother would abandon him for this reason and left little Adams all alone in the hospital by himself. Prospects for a happy and healthy life were grim. But a loving family from Kaysville, Utah managed to hear his story in a grocery store, and the mother knew she would take him in a second. She couldn’t get him out of...

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Dog Wouldn’t Stop Waiting For Her Outside The Hotel So She Adopted Him

Olivia Sievers is a flight attendant from Germany, and she has been all around the world as part of her job.   Just over six months ago on one of her frequent flights to Argentina, she encountered a lonely stray in the streets of Buenos Aires named Rubio.   Posted by Olivia Sievers on Monday, July 11, 2016   Taking pity on the poor creature, she gave him some food and thought nothing more of it. But for Rubio? It was life changing. Rubio started following her back to the hotel and waiting for her every day. Even if she...

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Hands Down The Best Simon And Garfunkel Cover EVER

I mean every single word of that title. Even if you haven’t heard of Simon and Garfunkel before, you’ve definitely heard some of their music; especially this song. The lyric “hello darkness my old friend” from the song “The Sound Of Silence” has been used in numerous funny Youtube videos. Now, it’s being sung by a heavy metal band.   Don’t worry, this isn’t your usual metal cover. It’s a grand and melodious cover of “The Sound Of Silence” that is wonderfully unique. Backed up by a talented and capable orchestra, David Draiman and the rest of the metal...

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