5-Year-Old Has Adorable Reaction to When Mom Reveals He’s Going to Be a Big Brother

5-year-old, Ethan, got the surprise of his life when his mom handed him two sonogram pictures from her first ultrasound appointment.

At first, Ethan thought the pictures were of him, but when mom reveals to Ethan that it would be his younger brother or sister, she had no idea this moment she captured would bring happiness to millions on the internet.

Ethan’s adorable British accent paired with his cheerful “I’m going to be a new big brother!” is so adorable, it’s hard to not smile when watching this video.

What’s also amazing, is that Ethan is able to handle this exciting news so well and share the excitement with his mom. While she still has to convince him that the news is true, he’ll just have to wait a few more months before getting hard proof for himself.

It’s clear to see Ethan will definitely be an amazing brother and role model in the future.

Watch his heartwarming reaction to mom’s big reveal in the video below:


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